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Learner drivers in Ireland often have a variety of questions as they navigate the process of obtaining their driver’s license. Here are some of the most common questions that learner drivers in Ireland may have:

1. **How do I apply for a learner permit?**
– Many new drivers are unsure about the application process for a learner permit, including the required documentation and fees.

Click here to apply for your learner permit


2. **What are the age requirements for a learner permit and a full driving license?**
– Learners often want to know at what age they can apply for a learner permit and when they are eligible to obtain a full driving license.


You can apply for and sit your Theory Test at the age of 16 but you need to be 17 to start your driving lessons

Click here to apply for Theory Test


3. **Do I need to take driving lessons from an approved instructor?**
– Learners may wonder whether they are required to take driving lessons from an approved driving instructor or if they can learn to drive from a family member or friend.

Yes you need to complete your 12 mandatory EDTs with an approved driving instructor (ADI) but it is also very important to practice what you learn with family member (sponsor)

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4. **What is the cost of the driving test?**
– Questions about the cost of the driving test and whether there are additional fees for test rescheduling or repeat attempts are common.

The driving test is 85 Euro each time you do it. There is a 10 working day cancelation policy and you will not lose your fee

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5. **What should I expect during the driving test?**
– Learner drivers often want to know what to expect during the driving test, including the specific maneuvers they will be asked to perform.

I recorded this video a few years ago explaining what to expect before the driving test and during the test

Click here to watch the video

6. **How can I prepare for the theory test?**
– Many learners inquire about the best resources and study materials to prepare for the theory test, which includes questions about road signs, rules, and safety.

The Theory Test can be difficult especially if English is your 2nd or even 3rd language. I run online theory test classrooms every week to help people pass their theory test

Click here to find out more

7. **Are there any restrictions on learner drivers, such as curfews or passenger limitations?**
– Learner drivers may ask about any specific restrictions or rules that apply to them while driving on a learner permit.

It is advised to drive during the day in low risk areas. When you get more confident and on your last EDT, lesson 12, you will practice night driving

What is the minimum this session should cover?

This session should take place after dark. Your ADI should ask you to drive in a variety of road conditions, including urban and rural roads. You should have significant interaction with other road users.

8. **What happens if I fail the driving test?**
– Learners are often concerned about the consequences of failing the driving test, including how soon they can retake it and whether there are additional costs involved.

If you are unsuccessful in your attempt you will have to resit the test and also pay 85 euro again. There is usually a 6-8 week wait for retest

9. **How long is the learner permit valid, and can it be renewed?**
– Learner drivers may seek information on the validity period of a learner permit and whether it can be renewed if necessary.

10. **What is the penalty for driving without a valid learner permit or insurance?**
– Learners may be curious about the legal consequences of driving without the proper documentation, such as a learner permit or insurance.

If you drive while uninsured, you could be fined up to €5000 and get 5 penalty points. You could also go to prison for up to 6 months. The judge may decide to disqualify you from driving instead of giving you penalty points.


These are some of the common questions that learner drivers in Ireland may have. It’s essential for aspiring drivers to seek accurate information and guidance from official sources, such as the Irish Road Safety Authority (RSA) or their approved driving instructors, to ensure a smooth and successful journey toward obtaining their driver’s license.





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