Passing your driving test in Ireland

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Passing your driving test in Ireland

The Statistics

In this section, we’ll delve into the statistics related to the difficulty of passing the driving test in Ireland. We’ll explore pass rates, success rates on first attempts, and any noteworthy trends or patterns in the data that shed light on the challenges faced by aspiring drivers.


  • A total of 3,257,621 Irish driving licences were held at the end of 2021, of which less than ten percent (9%) were learner permit licences.  
  • In 2021, 201,915 tests were conducted by the driver theory testing service, with a pass rate of 74%. 



Heading 2: The Challenges Faced

Under this heading, we’ll discuss the various challenges that individuals encounter when attempting to pass their driving test in Ireland. This section will delve into the stringent testing standards, the nerve-wracking experience, lengthy waiting times, and other obstacles that contribute to the difficulty of obtaining a driver’s license in the country.

The test takes between 50 and 100 minutes depending on the category of test. It’s a combination of questions to test your knowledge and a practical test of your driving skills and awareness.

It checks:

What you know about the Rules of the Road, road signs, basic vehicle roadworthiness and maintenance, vehicle controls and more

Your ability to perceive risk and act accordingly Your awareness of hazards

Your knowledge and application of good driver behaviour

Your ability to safely and competently drive a vehicle under a variety of road and traffic conditions.

Click here to see RSA handbook

Heading 3: Tips for Success

In the final section, we’ll provide some valuable tips and strategies for those preparing to take the Irish driving test. These tips will include advice on selecting a reputable driving school, the importance of regular practice, studying the rules of the road, taking mock tests, and maintaining composure on the day of the test. Also it is very beneficial to know the roads where you could be tackling your driving test.


Below I will leave some of my popular test route videos in Dublin. You will find Tallaght test route 1. Mulhuddart test route 1. Finglas test route 1. Raheny test route 1 and Dun Laoghaire test route 1


Tallaght is where I personally cover. Tallaght is the biggest test centre I have worked at. I would say on average there is 10 driving testers on at any time. The test routes are mainly fast with big roads and roundabouts. I enjoy this area as it can pose all different types of challenges and any given time. The pass rate for Tallaght is 47, see below

How pass rates for the driving test compare by test centre.
Pass Rate 2022 %
Tallaght 47.7


In this next test route Patrick and I recorded Mulhuddart test route 1. I don’t know this area and recording the routes was so much fun. Patrick covers all of Blanch for me and he is an excellent instructor. I will leave the link at the end of this blog to book lessons in the different areas

How pass rates for the driving test compare by test centre.
Pass Rate 2022 %
Mullhuddart (Carlton Hotel) 38.2


In the next video I record Finglas Test Route 1. I enjoyed working Finglas its a really difficult route. Peter covers Finglas for me and he is also an excellent driving instructor 

How pass rates for the driving test compare by test centre.
Pass Rate 2022 %
Finglas 46.3



How pass rates for the driving test compare by test centre.
Pass Rate 2022 %
Raheny 47.5

How pass rates for the driving test compare by test centre.
Pass Rate 2022 %
Dun Laoghaire / Deansgrange 55.4


If you would like to book lessons with us and increase your chances of passing, please click the link below and fill out the form


Best of luck and please text me 0852077139 to find out more





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