Mulhuddart Driving Test Route 2024

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Mulhuddart Driving Test Route 2024

Today’s video I will be showing you the newest route we recorded for Mulhuddart Driving Test Centre. The driving test at Mulhuddart Maxol N3 is considered to be one of the harder driving test routes. There are multiple different driving test routes in Mulhuddart and it’s hard to predict where the driving tester could take you in Blanchardstown. Take a look at the video below showing you the latest Mulhuddart driving test route. This Mulhuddart test route could help you pass your driving test but it is not guaranteed the driving tester will bring you this way

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1. Coming out of the driving test centre in Mulhuddart

Unfortunately I was not able to demonstrate coming out of the driving test centre in Mulhuddart because there was a lot of people preparing for their driving test and I didn’t want to be in their way. If you watch my previous Mulhuddart test routes you will see me exit the test centre. Just be mindful there is a stop line coming out of the test centre.


2.Turning left onto the N3

This is where it gets really exciting. As we come onto the N3 National Road around the N3 Maxol, we need to increase our speed up towards 100kmph and merge safely onto the national road. If it is safe to do so, the driving tester will expect you to get up towards the speed limit of 100kmph


3.Tricky left turn without coming into the bus lane

Next we have a really difficult left turn where we would want to avoid the bus lane. Try to wait until the road markings break before we make this left turn. Also, be sure to check your left mirror for buses, taxis or motorbikes/cyclists.


4.Reverse around the corner

The reverse around the corner is in a difficult spot here on a slight bend. There are also lots of cars driving through this estate so be mindful of your observation and yield right of way to traffic coming from behind. You can access a really helpful video below for tips and tricks when you are reversing around the corner


5.Roundabout at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre

Tackling the roundabout at Blanchardstown shopping centre is very common when you do your driving test at Mulhuddart driving test centre. It is a busy roundabout so you will have use all your skills when attempting this roundabout. Be sure to practice on this roundabout with your driving instructor or sponsor.


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