Electric Car Driving Lessons Dublin

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Electric Car Driving Lessons Dublin

Its no secret, electric cars are the future of driving. The old way of generating energy is slowly dying off and newer cleaner ways of energy are being produced. The old way of mining for fossil fuels like oil and gas are having a detrimental effect on our planet. We see this all too often on the news where there are massive oil spills off-shore and our oceans and wildlife are being poisoned. Big disasters like these cannot keep happening or we will destroy our planet once and for all.

Once we have our oil, we then create petrol and diesel. Burning these fuels to power our cars, we are polluting our clean air and producing greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases create a thick layer at the top of our atmosphere which trap heat into our planet the same way a greenhouse would. When our sun heats our Earth, the heat has no way of escaping and this heat is trapped which is the cause of global warming. Global warming is the main reason behind our Polar Ice Caps melting. As these ice caps melt, all the animals that have adapted over centuries to live there are losing their habitat

. The more these ice caps melt the higher our sea levels rise and all low land will eventually be unlivable because of floods. This will ruin millions of cities and lives as whole cities will have to rebuild inland. This will gradually destroy our sea as more and more rubbish will be sucked into our oceans.

So what can we do? We can start by making small changes every day to help combat the burning of fossil fuels. We can choose to walk or cycle places that are not too far away. We can use public transport instead of driving our car. This will also help you save money on fuel. We can buy fewer process foods with all the extra packaging. Creating all these processed foods and packaging create too much pollution and if we stop buying these products we can help.

This is why people are turning to greener sources of energy. Electric cars do not produce any exhaust fumes as they do not burn any fuel to power them. Electric cars are powered by electricity and they work on the same principle as your mobile phone.

Plug your car into a charging portal rather than filling the car with petrol or diesel. Electric cars are really smooth to drive and electric cars come with automatic gearboxes. The old way of driving will be obsolete soon and struggling to find gears and pressing the clutch down will be gone. Automatic gearboxes have less wear and tear and this saves you costly repairs and damaged gearboxes. Electric cars have no clutch or gearbox whatsoever. The car is powered by a big 16KW battery, and they simply drive and stop.

It’s easy to see why electric cars are the future after you drive one. They are so much easier to drive and they are more reliable than the old engine. There are fewer components in the electric that could potentially go wrong. All this means is fewer breakdowns, fewer trips to see your mechanic and all this combines saves you money in the future.

We can all do our part to help our planet. Start small with the little everyday jobs like walking or cycling and keep building on your progress and eventually you will see your self wanting to drive electric. Every little helps, play your part today.



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