Automatic Driving Lessons In North Dublin Car Hire

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Automatic Driving Lessons In North Dublin Car Hire

On your driving test, it is important to bring a car with you as the RSA does not supply the car. If you have your own car, great, if not, you may need to hire or borrow a car. If you borrow a car, always check the details in the window such as tax, NCT and insurance. If any of these discs in the window is out of date, your test will be terminated, and you will lose the 85 Euro you paid for the test. The examiner will cross-reference the registration number on the disc to the registration number on the car. The examiners are very experienced and trying to trick them simply will not work. When you borrow a car from a parent or friend, you will need to buy insurance. Some insurance companies may give you 24 hour cover for a small fee as a second driver and other companies will not. If you do not get insurance cover and attempt to drive your driving test and there is an incident, you would be liable and this could cost you thousands of Euro. You would have to pay damages for the car you’re driving, the examiner’s injuries if any and if you damage another vehicle you would have to pay for that too. The worst part about this would be the massive fine or imprisonment you would receive from the Garda. This simply is not worth the risk.

If you are doing your driving test, you would have completed your EDT Lessons with a driving school. Most driving schools would let you rent the car to complete your driving test. Usually, after your 12 EDT Lessons, you would be a competent driver and your instructor would be happy to hire you their car. If an instructor does not know you, you would be asked to complete at least a 1-hour pretest. This pretest would allow your instructor to see how capable you are at driving and this will determine whether you could rent the instructors car. The cars we driving instructors use are our livelihood so if you could not perform simple driving tasks, the instructor will not let you hire the car without more lessons. Usually, after plenty of practice, you would be more competent and maybe the instructors would change their mind.

If you use an instructors car, you probably have completed your EDT Lessons in this car. This gives you a high advantage as you are familiar with all the controls and you would feel comfortable driving this car. Also in an instructors car, you would be fully insured and the examiner would also have a brake pedal, to assist you if needed. Always try to use the car you have learned how to drive in. Changing cars regularly will simply confuse you and make your learning experience more difficult.

Knowing the car you will be doing your driving test in is so important. Always do pretests before sitting your driving test as simple things could trip you up and this could have an effect on your confidence. Being confident is the best way to pass your driving test and the only way you can be confident is by knowing all the controls and rehearsing all the questions the examiner could ask.

Without preparation, you will find your driving test very difficult. You need to cover everything over and over again so it is natural. The harder you train yourself you do the right things at the right time the easier you will find your driving test.



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