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Finglas Driving Test Routes

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Finglas Driving Test Routes


If you have your driving test at the Finglas driving test centre, I have recorded 4 Finglas driving test routes to show you what to expect. The driving test routes in Finglas can be very challenging.

The Finglas driving test pass rate is only 46.3%. This means less than half of the applicants are not fully prepared for their driving test in Finglas

If you are looking for a Finglas driving school or if you would like to book pretest driving lessons in Finglas, please click here


If you need to book your driving test at Finglas driving test centre, click here to access the RSA


If you need any additional help with the booking process, click here for a helpful video

Finglas test route 1

Finglas test route 2

Finglas test route 3

Finglas test route 4

Charlestown route 2

Charlestown route 3