Studying For Your Drivers Theory Test

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Drivers Theory Test

The Drivers Theory Test ( DTT ) is a test you have to complete before the RSA give you your provisional licence. To pass the exam you must study the Rules of the Road and The Official Driver Theory Test Questions and Answers book. This book covers all the possible questions the could be asked.

When you get to your designated test centre you will have to produce ID. ID must be valid and failure to produce a valid ID will result in the cancellation of your test. Applicants must also be on time preferably 15 minutes before the test time. You will be signed in and a Test Centre Administrator how the test works. You will be then shown to your computer where you will take the test.

There are 40 multiple choice questions in the Category B ( car ) section. In order to pass the test, you must answer 35 questions correctly. In the test, each question you are asked is accompanied by four possible answers. Only one answer is correct. The test is computerised and you will get a chance to practise before the test. You will be given 45 minutes to complete the test.

Possible questions could be:

What should a driver do when approaching traffic lights stuck on red?

  • Maintain speed and continue through the red light?
  • Stop and proceed with great caution?
  • Slow down and beep your horn to alert other drivers of your presence?
  • Assume they should be green and continue through the red light?

What should a driver do when being overtaken by another vehicle?

  • Continue at the same speed?
  • Speed up and not let the overtaking driving in ahead of you?
  • Press hard on your brakes?
  • Beep your horn because he is driving dangerously?

These are types of questions that could be asked in your Drivers Theory Test. As you can see there could be complications in doing the test if you do not study the Diver Theory Test Questions and Answers Book.

Once you have completed your Driver Theory Test, before you leave the test centre, you will be handed a score report with your results. This report will show the specific category seas where you answered the questions incorrectly.

If you pass the test your next step is to apply for your provisional licence at the National Driver Licence Service ( NDLS ). Once you have your provisional Licence you are ready to start your driving lessons.



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