Under The Bonnet And Safety Checks

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Under The Bonnet 


Your examiner will ask you to open your bonnet before you start driving. Your examiner will ask you questions such as “where does the oil go?” or “can you tell me where you would put the coolant?” It is important to know these things as you will start your test on the right track and you will impress your examiner.

Oil is essential to keeping your engine running smoothly as it keeps all components lubricated. Driving a car with little or no oil can cause serious, sometimes unfixable damage. Your examiner will ask you “where do I put the engine oil?” This is usually an easy one to find as it is the only cap on the engine.

Check your oil level regularly by using what is called a “dip-stick.” Ideally, you would check the oil when the oil is cold and the car is on a flat surface. Take the dip-stick out wipe with a rag or tissue, reinsert, take back out and you should see oil on the end of the dip-stick. You want the oil to be between max and min on the dip-stick.

Coolant is vital to your engine as it keeps your engine cool when your car is driving. You can easily spot the coolant tank as it is the big, see-through tank. This tank is supposed to contain a pink liquid “coolant” inside.

Your examiner could ask you about brake fluid. This can be harder to spot as it is usually a smaller see-through tank. Usually, there is a small diagram of “!” with a circle around it and that image is in brackets.

Your examiner will ask you “where do you put the windscreen washer fluid?” Having a clean windscreen is vital when you are on the road. Filling your windscreen washer fluid regularly is so important as you will use it all the time. Sometimes it can be tricky to find as all cars tend to have it in different areas but you will spot it easily as there is a small diagram on the cap of a windscreen and wiper with a water droplet.

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