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Driving Lessons Raheny – ADM Driving School – Roundabouts


Driving in Ireland, roundabouts are part of everyday driving. Roundabouts are designed to keep traffic flowing freely and they replace traffic lights at bigger junctions. When you are doing your EDT lessons we will spend a full lesson learning about roundabouts and what to do when you get to them. Although all roundabouts are different, usually the same rules apply unless road markings or road signs say differently.

Before we drive to a roundabout and drive around it, we learn from our book what to expect and what rules apply. Once we know the basic rules we will approach a roundabout. In a previous blog, I mentioned MSPSL. ( Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed and look ) As with nearly every task we take when driving, MSPSL is so important as it prepares you for the task ahead.

In our lesson, I will be giving the direction for us to take the first exit. ( see diagram and imagine the diagram to be a clock and we are approaching from the 6 o clock side of the clock ) When I give you your instruction, that is when MSPSL will start. You will be expected to check your mirrors, signal your intension ( indicate ) to inform other road users of where you are going, position the car on the left lane, reduce your speed and look ahead onto the roundabout and also look at the other road users and anticipate potential hazards.

As we are taking the first exit we would use the left-hand lane. ( see diagram ) Providing there are no cars ahead of us, we would drive up to the yield lines on the road. Once at the road markings, we are looking around for potential hazards but more importantly, we are watching traffic coming from the right. Traffic coming from the right will have right of way on roundabouts so if you see traffic on the roundabout you must stop at the road markings. Only when it is safe to do so with no traffic coming from the right can you move off. If there is no traffic around and the way is clear, it is not necessary to stop but slow down on approach. Always check your mirrors for cyclists especially when turning left as they can surprise you up the inside. When exiting the roundabout, check your mirror, cancel your indicator, position your car safely, adjust your speed to suit the new road and look ahead. (MSPSL)

When going straight ahead, you would position your car in the middle lane. The same principles apply. When I give the direction we use MSPSL. After executing MSPSL, we will be in the perfect position to approach the roundabout. Signalling is different when going straight ahead. When we are on the roundabout, we signal after the first exit. This warns other road users of our intension. Once the way is clear, we exit the road about and the same principle apply.

When turning right on the roundabout, we use MSPSL again. This time, we signal right before we reach the roundabout. On approach to our exit, we signal left when we are past the second exit. If the way is clear we will then exit the roundabout smoothly.

After practising roundabouts a few times, you will become more confident and you will approach them with ease



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