Mock Theory Test Ireland

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Mock Theory Test Ireland

As a learner driver, it is important that you have all the information you need to drive safely and in a socially responsible way on our roads. Before you drive on a public road or in a public place, you must have a learner permit for the vehicle you want to drive. In most cases, you must pass your Driver Theory Test to show that you understand what you must do to drive safely. The questions in the book are designed to test your knowledge and also to make you think about the different situations you may come across as a driver. By studying and learning the material and passing the test you will have taken an essential step to become a safe driver. It is essential that you then apply your knowledge when you are on the road.

Learning how to drive takes time and patience and the best way to learn is to take driving lessons while practising as much as you can with an experienced driver. Learners taking out a first learner permit for a car must take the Essential Driver Training (EDT) programme. EDT Lessons is a minimum of 12 one hour lessons which breaks down the skills you need to be a competent driver.

Before we do the EDT Lessons, we must take The Theory Test. After you study the book and you feel confident, it is now time to book the test. Booking the test is easy, simply go to or call 1890606106.

Passing the first time is great for your confidence and this means you can start your driving lessons sooner rather than later. There is usually a 3-week waiting list to sit your exam and this gives you lots of time to study. It is wise to break the sections of the book down into manageable sections. Doing this makes it easier to learn and it does not overwhelm your brain. All the information will be relatively new to you, so take your time and try not to get frustrated when the information is not instantly sticking in your brain. Be calm and patent and with repetition, you will soon know the answers.

Being prepared for any test you take is key in being successful. If you look back on everything you done well in life, you will remember that being confident and ready, made the test more manageable. Being prepared will not only help you pass the test first time, but it will also save you time and money because you won’t have to pay the 45 Euro fee for a new test and also wait another 3 weeks.

That is why I decided to help people who are about to take their Theory Test. Many people come to me and use my service as I break down the questions and answers and make them more understandable. Sometimes, the questions are written in a way that it is confusing and hard to understand. By reading through the questions and explaining what exactly they mean, it is easier to find the answers.

How the course works is simple. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. We simply do a zoom call (a zoom call is a video call but it enables you to see my screen and I can’t see yours) From my screen I will have the mock exams and we can discuss each question that comes up. We will do this 5 times over as many periods as you like and the 6th exam will be you alone and I won’t assist you and we will see how your progress has been. Doing this helps you get ready for the test and you won’t be surprised when you sit down to answer the questions.

Give yourself the best possible Theory Test experience and email me to book your place. Course costs 20 Euro and it can be done at your own pace. Limited places are available.



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