Preparing For Your Driving Test

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Preparing For Your Driving Test

On the day of your driving test, it is normal to feel nervous and anxious. You would have put a lot of work into the preparation of the test and you want to see that all your hard work pays off. If you have been practising your manoeuvres, learning your hand signals and practising what you what to say when the tester asks you questions, you can feel confident that you are ready and nothing will stand in your way. If you do not prepare and leave everything to the last minute, you feel overwhelmed and your nerves could get the better of you. Always have all your checks done the night before and have all your necessary paperwork ready so you are not scrambling on the morning of your test. If you can, try to give yourself as little distractions as possible. Try to take the day off work or try to get the children brought and collected from school. Having as little as possible to do creates calm and you won’t be worried about being late for the test. A week before your test, always make sure your documents in the window are in date and they match the car you will be driving. Also, replace any broken bulbs and check your tyres to see if they are in good condition. The testers have very strict rules about this, and they will terminate your test if there are any issues.

The night before your test, do one last check of the car. Check all the bulbs are still working and make sure yo have plenty of fuel. Make sure you have L plates displayed. Make sure all your windows and wing mirrors are clean. Clean your interior by shaking out your mats and wiping your dashboard and controls. Remove anything hanging from your interior mirror. When the car is ready, organise all the paperwork you need for the test. Have your licence ready with your EDT book. If your test is first thing in the morning have your clothes prepared. All this keeps you concentrate on the task at hand. Also, you will be on time and it is essential. If you are late your test will be terminated. Try to get a good nights sleep by avoiding eating late and watching TV late at night. Read your Driver Theory Test Questions and Answers book the night before your test to confirm the answers in your mind.

If you plan ahead, study the material and get plenty of rest, there is no reason why you will not pass your test. Leaving everything to the last minute will affect the way you drive as your mind will be worrying about all the possible things that could go wrong. Preparation mixed with practice and the test will be easy for you. You can never predict what will happen when you are out on the road doing your test, but being relaxed and well-rested will help you deal with any situations that may arise.

The morning of your test, set your alarm for early and wake up and do whatever it is you do to feel good. Have a shower and a nice healthy breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee and really enjoy the morning off to yourself. When you leave for the test centre, leave extra early to avoid traffic or any number of things that could get in your way. Go into the test centre 15 minutes before your test time, use the bathroom and wait patiently until it is your time to shine.



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