Automatic Car Rental Raheny/Kilester-Turning Left

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Automatic Car Rental Raheny/Kilester-Turning Left


Great news folks! We have started our Learner Driver Classroom Series on YouTube. I got myself a whiteboard and I am going to be breaking down all the thing you should be learning on your driving lessons. I will be starting with the basics on turning left and right using MSPSL, emerging from T junctions, roundabouts, mini-roundabouts and so much more. I have so much content in my head that I want to cover so this classroom should be running for the next few months and the best thing about it is that is FREEEEEE!!! I will be launching a video every Tuesday and Thursday for the foreseeable future. The only thing I ask in return is if you like the videos hit a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Even if you have already passed your test, that would be so kind.

So lets get into it. Todays video we will be talking about turning left from a major to a minor road. We will be breaking down the steps you need to take when turning. We will be talking about MSPSL on approach, correct position when turning and correct observation as we drive around the turn.

First things first, we will talk about MSPSL. This is what you should be learning in EDT3-Changing Direction 1. I also mention in the video MSMM and I will explain that next. So for MSPSL each letter stand for a different step. M-Mirror, S-Signal, P-Position, S-Speed/Slow and L-Look. Once you hear the direction from your instructor or the tester you apply these steps. MSMM stand for something similar. It is M-Mirror, S-Signal, M-Mirror, M-Manoeuvre. ( Manoeuvre breaks down to position, slow, look)

So now we know the steps, its all about execution. Its very important that once you hear the direction, its showtime. If you are slow to get the routine started, or you start well and are too late to slow and change gear, it will be too rushed at the turn and it could look a little messy. Always follow the steps.

For turning left, we check inside mirror then left mirror. Once we do that, left signal. After our signal, that’s when we bring our position in slightly but very importantly, STRAIGHT up to the turn. This is so important. If you drift back out and take it wide it could result in a Grade 2. Also if you come in at an angle it will be too tight at the corner and you could hit the kerb. Once we are in position, SLOOOOOOW with the break first. If we are coming in at 50kmph or even 60kmph, don’t be shy, press the brake and keep pressure on the break. When you are going slow enough, that’s when we clutch in, into second, OFF the clutch. It is ok to go from 4th to 2nd gear, we call that block changing. It just means slowing a lot with the break first. When we are in position, slowly in 2nd then L for look. Quick look in the left mirror, then off the break and steer. See my half finished video on steering below. (Started last winter and still not finished, shame on me ha)

What I generally say to people is get your position in first, and then eyes up. Always looking where you are going. That is the trick behind correct observation when when we are turning. If you have done your test before and you were marked for observation it either meant you looked right when turning left or you were looking left but didn’t actually see hazards on the new road.

I hope you enjoy the Classroom. On Tuesday we will be talking about turning right. Best of luck to you all





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