Automatic Driving Lessons Raheny and Kilester- Dash Cam

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Automatic Driving Lessons Raheny and Kilester- Dash Cam


Unfortunately, in life, some people are out to make a quick buck by doing dishonest activities. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, this is just a sad fact. These people generally prey on more vulnerable people to make their money.

Unfortunately, when you are learning how to drive, you fall under this “vulnerable” label. When these people see that big shiny L plate or even N plate in the window, you could possibly become a target. Especially in the beginner stages, your control over the car would be very basic and your anticipation and reaction to hazards would be slow.

Have a look at the video below. This is where anticipation comes in. As we drive along we are always scanning the road ahead for potential hazards. Weather it be children playing, a jogger about to cross the road in front of you without looking or weather it is unusual activity ahead.

If, on a lesson, we were driving along and we seen someone at the side of the road looking like he was going to run out in front of us, we would ease off the accelerator on approach, and when he stepped out onto the road, we would be on the brake. Its a much smoother stop when we ease off the accelerator in anticipation of a stop rather then being on the accelerator and braking hard at the last second. We use this approach anytime we drive up the road and we think something or someone will walk out in front of us.

Luckily, in this scenario, the driver was quick to react to this “moving hazard” and also the driver had his dashcam in place. When the guy seen the dashcam he realized he was caught and it would be pointless to take any further action.

In the next video, we have another attempt of someone trying to make a quick buck from an honest taxi driver. The driver was clearly stopped at a junction on a Dublin City street and the young guy tried to claim he was knocked down. Luckily again, the driver had his dashcam in place. Look at the video below. If you are sensitive to bad language turn the volume down but you need to see what could happen on city streets.

When it comes to false claims, the next video is the oldest trick in the book. This is called a rear-end collision. This is why we always keep our safe distance from the car in front. If you remember from your Theory Test in dry weather we use the 2 second rule. Another thing to mention here is when you see brake lights, you immediately do the same. This is something I teach my students in our very first EDT when we talk about the primary controls and how to use them. “When we see brake lights ahead, we do the same.”

Luckily enough for the driver in the car behind, he has solid proof of negligent driving. This is why it is so important to have a dashcam in place. It covers you from anything that may happen ahead and also you can get rear ones fitted too, so if anyone does go into the back of you, you are covered.

If you think you may need a dashcam to keep you covered at all times, why not click the link below to see what dashcams amazon have in stock. Before you click, just a quick disclaimer that I am an Amazon Affiliate and if you do click the link, Amazon do pay me a royalty. Feel under no pressure to buy I just felt it was an interesting blog and some interesting videos.

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