Automatic Car Rental Kilester/Raheny-Roundabouts

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Automatic Car Rental Kilester/Raheny-Roundabouts


Welcome back to our Learner Driver Classroom. In our last videos, we were talking about turning left and right and emerging from junctions turning left and right. We also spoke about using MSPSL. MSPSL is really useful when we are learning how to drive. We use it for turning but also for roundabouts. So in our next classroom, I think its best we dive straight into roundabouts.


When you are learning how to drive, roundabouts are probably the most daunting aspect of the lessons. They cause so much confusion for new drivers. There is so much to take into consideration. That is why MSPSL is so important here. It gives us a system to follow and it makes everything easier when we get to the roundabout. Check out the video below 

The trick with the roundabout is that when we approach, we try to think of the roundabout like a clock, and that we always approach from 6. If we are taking the first half of the roundabout or from 6 on the clock around to 12, we usually approach the roundabout in the left lane or if it was a single lane, we would drive in our normal position, in on the left. Once we get onto the roundabout we would then drive around the outside of the roundabout and try to exit the roundabout in good position, in on the left.


If you are asked to take any exit past 12 or to the right, we would then position the car as though we were taking a right turn. We would use MSPSL as if we were turning right. (check out my video on turning right right to see more on this) Once we are on the roundabout, we stay on the inside lane until we get to the exit before the one we want to take, then we left mirror, left signal and try to exit in on the left.  


The next really important thing we have to talk about is the observation. If you remember from your theory test test, all traffic coming from the right and traffic already on the roundabout have right of way. You have to demonstrate to the tester that you know this. This is where MSPSL comes in so handy. Once we mirror, signal, position, slow and now its time to look. We need to be looking ahead but also turning our head and looking out to the right. If, when we turn our head and we see another road user coming from the right, we should stop.


However, if we get to the roundabout and there is no traffic coming from the right or already on the roundabout, we are ok to keep the car moving. There is no need to stop. Once we are on the roundabout, usually we keep going. As you drive around the roundabout there could be other road users  wanting to join the roundabout ahead. Remember that you have right of way now because when they look to the right, they will see you and have to stop for you. Sometimes it can happen that someone will pull out in front of you, in this ease we just ease off the accelerator, try avoid any harsh braking, especially on the roundabout.


Watch the video above for a full explanation and be sure to watch it several times to really get a good understanding of it. If you can get your sponsor to sit through it too, that would be a great help also.


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