Automatic Driving Lessons Raheny- Turning Right T Junction

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Automatic Driving Lessons Raheny- Turning Right T Junction


Welcome back to our Learner Driver Classroom. I hope you are enjoying the content so far and we still have so much to cover. So far, we have covered turning left from a major to a minor road, turning right from a major to a minor road, and turning left emerging from a T junction. The last topic to cover on turning is turning right, emerging from a T junction.


During our last sessions, we cover the importance of MSPSL. As soon as you hear the direction, whether it be turning left or right, we have to start applying the steps. We always Mirror-Signal-Position-Slow-Look. If we follow these steps one after another, it should be easy enough when you reach the junction.


When you hear right, straight away you check your inside mirror and then right mirror, then we signal to the right. Once we signal, only then can we start moving over towards the centre line and once we are in position, we drive straight up to the junction. When we are in position, that’s when we slow. We always slow with the brake first and when we are driving slow enough, we clutch in, come in to 2nd gear and slowly off the clutch and we drive up to the junction in a straight line, keeping light pressure on the brake. Before the car wants to cut out, we clutch in, roll it into 1st gear and L is for look. This is when we look right and left onto the road we wish to join. If we see cars coming from either side, we stop



In the video above, we go through two different types of scenarios. The first scenario is a straight forward right turn at a T junction with no hazards to deal with. In the second half of the video, we talk about what to do when there is parked cars that could give you bad position. A lot of people get grade 2 marks for position because they don’t come back onto their side of the road. It will make more sense when you watch the video above.


Another thing I actually forgot the mention in the video was that when we turn right from a T junction, we are actually crossing two lanes of traffic, so it is very important we slow it down and come into first gear. It can be a scary experience flying out of a T junction, at speed and in second gear. Just remember, “if you don’t know, don’t go.” In other words, if you can see, stop.


It is also important to mention that we try not to steer right from the junction. We always want to drive forward first, then look to the right and then steer. Steering too soon would cut the corner and we end up driving on the wrong side of the road for a short period of time. When we do this it also gives us poor position when we try to straighten up.


All will be explained in the video above. It is hard to picture this when reading it but hopefully the whiteboard makes it easier for you to understand.


If you are enjoying the content and you are learning something from the classroom, please like some of the videos and subscribe to the channel, so much more to come. Thank you so much




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