ADM Driving School What To Expect On The Day Of Your Test

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ADM Driving School What To Expect On The Day Of Your Test

Automatic Driving Lessons in North Dublin. ADM Driving School, what to expect on the day of your test.

So, it is finally here, Test Day. In my last blog post, I explained the benefits of getting a good nights rest and having everything you need for your driving test. Have your clothes ready so you are not rushing around eating breakfast while ironing your jeans and have your licence and stamped EDT Logbook in a spot where you can find them easily. Having a clear schedule for the day helps your mind focus on the task at hand which is the Driving Test. If the test is an early morning one, wake up with plenty of time to get dressed and have breakfast. Leave your house expecting heavy traffic so that you get to the test centre early. Being early is a great way to keep calm.

So you’re on the way to the test centre, naturally, you will be nervous and relaxed, controlled breathing helps you stay calm and focused. When you get to the test centre, park in the designated RSA parking bays. Always look for the best possible parking area. Look for parking bays that would have good visibility when you will be driving out. Always reverse your car into the parking bay. Doing this makes it easy to drive straight out of the parking bay when you are ready to drive in the test.

Go into the RSA waiting room. Try to get in 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Always use the bathroom provided. There is nothing more uncomfortable than doing a test when you need to use a bathroom. Get it all out of your system now. Patently wait until the tester calls your name. When the tester calls your name, stand up, say goodbye to your sponsor and follow the tester into the room. As you approach your tester, greet them with a big smile and say good morning. Let the tester know you are friendly and polite but also confident you will succeed.

When you follow the tester to the back room, they will ask to see your learner permit. They will also ask you to sign a piece of paper declaring that you are insured on the car you will be driving. When you are sitting there try to relax and be friendly and confident in your speech. The tester will ask you some simple questions pointing to a chart with road signs on them and ask you to explain the meaning of the signs. The tester will also ask you a few more complicated questions like “when would you use your hazard lights?” Reading the Driver Theory Test book has all the answers you need.

When you are finished in the office, it is time to walk to the car. The tester will lead the way, so follow them and be polite and courteous as you do. You are being tested the whole time so carefully walk out onto the road looking left and right to see if there are any other road users coming. Be safe the whole time, it helps you look responsible and aware of all road users at all times.

When you get to your car, the tester will examine the details in the window making sure they are in date and correspond to the car you are driving. The tester is secretly examining your car as you are there making sure your tyres are in good condition and the car looks safe. The tester will then ask you to pop the bonnet. You will be asked a series of questions about different components. I will do my next blog post about that. The tester will then check all your lights are in working order.

Now its drive time. Concentrating on the task at hand is all you need to think about. What to do when you are driving will be covered in an additional blog and we will break all the manoeuvres down one by one. Stating the test right builds confidence for the actual driving and being prepared is the best way to do that.



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