Theory Test Training Course

Theory Test Training

Welcome to our Theory Test Training Course. This course takes a deep dive into everything you need to know to pass the Theory Test. I have over 800 questions and answers all prerecorded so you can listen anytime, any place and at your own pace.

We got the idea for this from doing our live Theory Test Classroom on Tuesday nights. This class was extremely popular, but it meant people had to stop what they were doing or cancel plans to be in the class. So it struck me, “what if I could create a fully automated classroom, were students can join anytime day or night and get all the information they needed.” That is how this course was born.

When you join the Theory Test Training, you will get access to every question possible on the Theory Test. We have all the questions separated into the 5 categories.

  1. Control Of The Vehicle. This is the smallest section in the Theory Test, usually 1 question will be asked in this topic.
  2. Legal Matters/Rules Of The Road. This is a larger section with road signs/markings etc. Usually 7/8 questions will be asked in this category.
  3. Managing Risk. Managing risk is a big section but students find this section easy enough. Usually 7/8 questions will be asked in this category.
  4. Safe And Socially Responsible Driving. This section is the largest and most difficult section. Usually 22/23 questions will be asked out of this category.
  5. Technical Matters. Technical matters is a smaller section of the test. Usually 1/2 can be asked in this category.

When you join, you will be able to choose from the 5 separate headings. When you choose a heading, you will see a list of different videos you can view. Each video contains 25 questions in each video. All the hard questions are broken down and explained to make them easier to understand.

This course is perfect if you are too busy to free up time and read the book or if English is your second or even third language.

Click here to have a look at some sample videos

Thank you