Automatic Car Rental in Raheny-Turning Right Yellow Box Junction

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Automatic Car Rental in Raheny-Turning Right Yellow Box Junction


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Hey guys, welcome back to our Learner Driver Classroom. Todays lesson is an important one. Everyday I hear of someone failing their driving test for not knowing how to do these junctions correctly. There is a lot of information in this video so be sure to watch the video more than once. Also, like and subscribe and answer the question in the video on Youtube to win the prize.



The video above explains the correct way to tackle these bigger junctions with the yellow box. Knowing how to read the traffic lights is very important so lets explain the lights first.


Obviously, when we see a red traffic light, we generally stop at the first line you see. As we wait for a green light, we could be checking a mirror every few seconds but also keeping an eye on your traffic light. Once that light goes green, we check our left mirror then our right mirror, handbrake down and off you go.


If we see a green circle light with no directional arrow, this means that we can proceed straight and turn left if its safe to do so. We can also turn right here provided there is no on coming traffic. If there is oncoming traffic, we drive into the yellow box, look to the right and try to stop with the front of your car in line with the centre line. Once we are stopped here, we are looking ahead for a gap to appear in the oncoming traffic and also looking to the right onto the new road. When we see a safe suitable gap, we can proceed with caution. Check out the video below to see how we explain turning right. 



If you are first in the que, its very important we move up into the middle of the junction. Failure to move up into the middle will result in a grade 3 fault in your exam. It can be ok for the second car to wait behind the line on the smaller junctions. You don’t want to get caught stopped in a pedestrian crossing. If the first car moves off the junction and the light is still green, then the second car can move up to the middle.


When you are in the middle of the junction, your main job is to get off the junction. Don’t worry about the traffic lights at this stage. If they change to amber, that means the oncoming traffic should also see and amber light and they should start slowing. Once you see them slowing down and preparing to stop, that’s when you get going.


If we see a green directional arrow to the right, we should be ok to proceed with caution in the same direction as the green arrow.


If we see a green arrow for straight only, it is very important that we wait behind the line if we are turning right. If you move up into the middle of the junction at this light, this will also result in a grade 3.


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