Driving Test Course

Driving Test Course

Welcome to the Driving Test Course. This course is your complete guide on what to expect before you start off driving. So many people lose marks before they start driving just because they were not prepared and they were surprised by all the questions etc.

So what I have done is developed a quick and easy course that goes through everything you need to know before you start driving. I have videos covering everything from

  1. How to greet and what to say when you first meet the tester (first impressions count)
  2. All the road signs and a video with the most popular road signs
  3. Over 40 questions and answers read out to you for quick and easy understanding
  4. Video on under the bonnet
  5. Secondary control
  6. Hand signals
  7. Cockpit drill
  8. Parking/moving off at the test centre

These are some of the things you NEED to know before you set off driving.

Click here to view our sample video