Driving Lessons Raheny and Kilester


Although driving is the most important aspect of the driving test, the tester will check to see that you know some of the basic rules of the road before you set off driving. Firstly, the tester will ask you between 4-7 road signs. It is important to get these right because the tester needs to know you are not going to drive the wrong way down a one-way street. I have added 4 videos here on road signs.







Next, the tester will ask between 4-7 questions. Again, the tester needs to know that you know speed limits etc. Once you do well with the road signs and questions, it puts the tester at ease that you have made an effort and you go into the next section with no marks. I have added more videos on test questions below.






After you have completed these two sections inside the test centre, you will both walk over to where your car is parked. As you walk to your car, you are on test, so be polite and be careful if you have to cross any roads. The tester will ask you to open your bonnet. As you are doing this, the tester will be making sure you have tax, insurance and NCT. The 2 videos below are of a petrol car and an electric car.





Next, the tester will ask you to get inside your car. Again, be careful and only open your door if it is safe to do so. This is when the tester will check your lights are working and then ask you to demonstrate some secondary controls. Secondary controls are things like fog lights, windscreen demister etc.


Once you have completed this, the tester will ask you to demonstrate some hand signals. There is only 6 they can ask you and they usually only ask 1 or 2.


And that is it. The tester will now get into the car beside you and it is showtime. Now you have to move off from a parked position. This will be the first thing you demonstrate for the tester so you really want to get this one perfect. See the video below to see how we use GOSHO.

Driving Test Videos.



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