Automatic Driving Lessons in North Dublin-Reverse around the corner

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Reverse Around The Corner-Automatic Driving Lessons In North Dublin

Reversing around the corner is one of the 3 manoeuvres you will be asked to complete in your driving test. The other manoeuvers are hill start and turnabout. Reversing around the corner can be challenging when you are learning how to drive as the car behaves differently in reverse. Looking at the diagram above, you see the car will be reversing left around the corner. The car behaves differently because now the wheels you use to steer are at the back of the car rather than at the front of the car. (when driving forwards the steering wheels are at the front of the car) With the wheels at the back of the car, the car will take an extra millisecond to react. When you are reversing around to the left, the front of your car will swing out to the right before following the back of your car around the corner. (see diagram below)

When we are reversing around the corner, observation is so important as your vision is not as clear as to driving forwards. When we are pulled up on the left, try to make sure your car is parked in a straight line with your wheels straight. Before you do anything, make sure you take a good look around to see that there are no cars driving up towards you or that there are no pedestrians around. If the way is clear, select reverse gear, take a good look around, checking blind spots and your mirrors. If the way is clear, reverse the car in a straight line until the back wheels reach the bend in the road. When reversing back in a straight line always look out your back window as you must be looking out the window the direction your car is travelling. When you reach the bend in the road, using all your mirrors, before you turn your steering wheel, take a good look over your right shoulder. This blind spot check is so important and the examiner will be looking out for this check. If the way is clear, turn your steering wheel anticlockwise, about a quarter of a steer. Using your left wing mirror, judge how far away from the path you are. If your car is out too far, give the steering wheel another quarter of a steer. Always remember your car takes an extra second to react so when you steer allow your car time to adjust. Many people here tend to see no difference in their position and start to over-steer at this point. Over-steering at this point will bring you too close to the path that is way allowing the car to adjust is very important.

Once you feel like your car is around the bend, unlock your steering wheel so that the front of your car straightens up and keep reversing backwards until the examiner says stop. It is important to keep your car reversing bank in a straight line to show your examiner you are in complete control.

In your driving lessons, you will get plenty of practice on this manoeuvre and after some time you will find it easier. Always remember that when you are reversing, observation is key. If another car or pedestrian comes towards you, stop your car immediately and let them pass. Failure to do this will be an automatic fail on your driving test.



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