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Kilester Test Route 1

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Kilester Test Route 1


I finally managed to edit the footage and put together the most popular test route in Kilester. As this was my first time recording a test route, nearly every single thing that could of went wrong, did go wrong. The first lap around the track, it never recorded on the dash cam, so I went and bought a new camera, I think it was broken. On the second trip to Kilester Test Centre, when I turned the camera on, the memory card was full. The third attempt, I forgot what I was doing and drove home haha.

Then came the fourth attempt. After getting chased out of the car park by the groundskeeper, I finally got it finished.

Then the real work began. I had to learn how to edit video. I have never been so confused in my whole life. I watched countless hours of YouTube tutorials to learn how to use the software and after a week of this, Kilester Test Route 1 is finished


I decided to record this video at 2pm on a Friday. I know a lot of people fear this time but as you can see there is nothing to worry about. It can be a little tricky around schools but apart from that, its grand.

As you can see from the video, the driving test is the same thing over and over again. All you have to remember is GOSHO every time the tester stops you at the side of the road and MSPSL when you are giving a direction. As long as you can drive in a straight line and in good position and look where you are going with good reaction to hazards and progress the test will seem easier.

Even if you are doing your driving test in a different test center, watch the video and think about what I do when turning right and approaching mini roundabouts. People generally loose marks in these sections for observation. You need to look where you are going.

So I hope you enjoy the video. All I ask from you is that you like the video and subscribe to my channel. I will be covering lots of routes around Dublin so maybe I could do your test center too.

Best of luck