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Automatic Driving Lessons Raheny and Kilester- Dash Cam


Unfortunately, in life, some people are out to make a quick buck by doing dishonest activities. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, this is just a sad fact. These people generally prey on more vulnerable people to make their money.

Unfortunately, when you are learning how to drive, you fall under this “vulnerable” label. When these people see that big shiny L plate or even N plate in the window, you could possibly become a target. Especially in the beginner stages, your control over the car would be very basic and your anticipation and reaction to hazards would be slow.

Have a look at the video below. This is where anticipation comes in. As we drive along we are always scanning the road ahead for potential hazards. Weather it be children playing, a jogger about to cross the road in front of you without looking or weather it is unusual activity ahead.

If, on a lesson, we were driving along and we seen someone at the side of the road looking like he was going to run out in front of us, we would ease off the accelerator on approach, and when he stepped out onto the road, we would be on the brake. Its a much smoother stop when we ease off the accelerator in anticipation of a stop rather then being on the accelerator and braking hard at the last second. We use this approach anytime we drive up the road and we think something or someone will walk out in front of us.

Luckily, in this scenario, the driver was quick to react to this “moving hazard” and also the driver had his dashcam in place. When the guy seen the dashcam he realized he was caught and it would be pointless to take any further action.

In the next video, we have another attempt of someone trying to make a quick buck from an honest taxi driver. The driver was clearly stopped at a junction on a Dublin City street and the young guy tried to claim he was knocked down. Luckily again, the driver had his dashcam in place. Look at the video below. If you are sensitive to bad language turn the volume down but you need to see what could happen on city streets.

When it comes to false claims, the next video is the oldest trick in the book. This is called a rear-end collision. This is why we always keep our safe distance from the car in front. If you remember from your Theory Test in dry weather we use the 2 second rule. Another thing to mention here is when you see brake lights, you immediately do the same. This is something I teach my students in our very first EDT when we talk about the primary controls and how to use them. “When we see brake lights ahead, we do the same.”

Luckily enough for the driver in the car behind, he has solid proof of negligent driving. This is why it is so important to have a dashcam in place. It covers you from anything that may happen ahead and also you can get rear ones fitted too, so if anyone does go into the back of you, you are covered.

If you think you may need a dashcam to keep you covered at all times, why not click the link below to see what dashcams amazon have in stock. Before you click, just a quick disclaimer that I am an Amazon Affiliate and if you do click the link, Amazon do pay me a royalty. Feel under no pressure to buy I just felt it was an interesting blog and some interesting videos.

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Best of luck 



Automatic Driving Lessons Raheny/Kilester- Marking Sheet 


When you sit your driving test, you are basically telling the world that you have the skills and knowledge to drive unaccompanied and without instruction from your sponsor or your driving instructor. You will be asked to demonstrate these skills in front of an RSA Official. (Tester) The tester will asses your rules of the road knowledge first, then ask you some technical checks about the car and some hand signals, and then it’s all down to you in the driving part of the test.

The driving test lasts, on average, 50 minutes. On the day of your test, you are asked to arrive 10 minutes before your start time. When your time comes, the tester will call your mobile phone (be sure to have your phone on loud until you answer the call and then turn your phone off) and ask you if are you, feeling well with any signs of COVID. When you answer the questions you will walk to the test centre. As soon as you start this call, you are on a test. Be polite and answer the questions. As you walk to the test centre, be safe and use any pedestrian crossings they might have. When you see the tester, greet them with a lovely good morning/afternoon, nice to meet you.

The first thing you will be asked to do is show them your Learner Permit. Have this ready in a separate pocket; you don’t want to be looking through wallets or purses in front of them. Once all this is done, you will be straight into your road signs and questions. After you complete this section, you walk to where your car is parked. Here you will complete under the bonnet, check your lights are working, secondary controls and hand signals. To see my free pretest videos, click here

The tester will be marking your progress as you go along. The marking sheet is broken down into 18 different sections. Section 1 is Rules/Checks up to section 18 Parking. See the video below to see section 1-3 explained

In the video above, I speak about position and observation. People generally loose a lot of marks in these sections because of there failure to drive in a straight line and basically look where they are driving. These are things I drill into my students from EDT 2. 

In the next video, we talk about anticipation and reaction to hazards. Also mirrors, clearance and signals. Reaction to hazards is another part of the driving test where people lose a lot of marks. This is covered in EDT 6 and it is very important. See the video below to see the next video.

In the final video we explain the remaining 10 sections. The video starts at section 9 Courtesy and goes all the way to section 18 Parking. I tried to get it all into 1 video but after listening back, its too long and I might redo the video and break it down into sections. Let me know what you think.

I will be putting out a lot more content over the next few months and I will be running YouTube Classrooms in the coming months, so if you would like to be a part of the FREE action, all you have to do is subscribe to my channel and throw in a few likes. Best of luck guys

Automatic Driving Lessons Raheny Kilester- Trees for Passes


We are on such a successful run the last few months. It makes me so happy to see all my students passing their test. I really am so lucky to have the best bunch of students.

Although nothing beats that feeling of getting a student over the line, another thing that gives me great satisfaction is the charity we help with each pass. For every student that passes their driving test with me, I donate 10E to a charity named CRANN

Crann is Ireland’s leading voluntary tree organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of our trees, hedgerows and woodlands. 

Crann is now probably best known for its high quality Crann magazine and for the Crann ‘Tidy Towns Assist Programme’ and the numerous school visits we provide through the Crann ‘Bring a Tree to School’ Programme.

I really enjoy donating to this charity because it is backed by our president Micheal D Higgins. Micheal D Higgins is our Patron. See the image below

So far this this year I am delighted to report a massive 310E donated to Crann. That is 31 trees planted somewhere in Ireland. That really makes me happy to know we are making a difference.

That is what I am trying to do here. Make a difference in peoples life while trying to make the country a greener place. It might be only 31 trees now in Ireland and with enough students and enough passes we can replant the rain forest. Always dream big.

Would you like to have that winning feeling of passing your driving test in Raheny or Kilester? Would you also like to know that you are helping the planet by first of all, driving an electric car and also having a tree planted for you somewhere in Ireland? 

If this is something you like the sound of, reach out to me and I will see if we can make it work. Best of luck to you all

Driving Lessons Raheny and Kilester


Although driving is the most important aspect of the driving test, the tester will check to see that you know some of the basic rules of the road before you set off driving. Firstly, the tester will ask you between 4-7 road signs. It is important to get these right because the tester needs to know you are not going to drive the wrong way down a one-way street. I have added 4 videos here on road signs.


Next, the tester will ask between 4-7 questions. Again, the tester needs to know that you know speed limits etc. Once you do well with the road signs and questions, it puts the tester at ease that you have made an effort and you go into the next section with no marks. I have added more videos on test questions below.


After you have completed these two sections inside the test centre, you will both walk over to where your car is parked. As you walk to your car, you are on test, so be polite and be careful if you have to cross any roads. The tester will ask you to open your bonnet. As you are doing this, the tester will be making sure you have tax, insurance and NCT. The 2 videos below are of a petrol car and an electric car.


Next, the tester will ask you to get inside your car. Again, be careful and only open your door if it is safe to do so. This is when the tester will check your lights are working and then ask you to demonstrate some secondary controls. Secondary controls are things like fog lights, windscreen demister etc.


Once you have completed this, the tester will ask you to demonstrate some hand signals. There is only 6 they can ask you and they usually only ask 1 or 2.


And that is it. The tester will now get into the car beside you and it is showtime. Now you have to move off from a parked position. This will be the first thing you demonstrate for the tester so you really want to get this one perfect. See the video below to see how we use GOSHO.

Driving Test Videos.